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EGYPT Real Estate
Officially the Arab Republic of Egypt - is a country located in western Asia. Egypt is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Red Sea in the east; borders with Israel and the Gaza Strip in the north-east, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west.
Cairo – capital of Egypt, is located on the shores and many islands of the Nile, near the place where the river forms a delta. The present capital has become a world tourist center. Proximity to worldwide known monuments and a large number of museums (including the famous Egyptian Museum), make that tourists visit this city often. The attraction is located nearly Giza with famous pyramids. West of Giza there are located the most famous monuments: Sphinx and Great Pyramids. 18 kilometers from Cairo lie the ruins of great ancient cities such as Memphis and Saqqara. This is a real paradise for those who like sightseeing.


The ancient Egyptian name of the country means "Black Land" and refers to the fertile land along the Nile, which are the opposite of the desert adjacent to them - "Red Land".
European names Egypt, Ägypten, Egypt, Egitto, etc. come from the Latin word Aegyptus and originally from the ancient Greek word Αίγυπτος (Aigyptos). Copts claim that they are direct descendants of the ancient Egyptian society from the times of pharaohs. From their name arose the Greek word aigyptos, which, for example in German, has transformed to the word Ägypten.


The main natural resources of Egypt are inter alia oil, gas and agricultural products from the Nile. The scale of tourism increases each year and makes that tourist cities have a very bright future. It all makes that Egypt's economy surprises positively. The State creates very good conditions for foreigners in terms of buying a house, apartment or other property, and the market is growing very dynamically.


In Egypt prevails extremely dry tropical climate. Annual rainfall usually does not exceed several dozen millimeters. For this reason, the majority of the population live in areas in the Nile delta and valley. There is a riverside oasis on the Nile, which length is about 3 thousand kilometers. There has been created the artificial irrigation system for thousands years, which increased the area of arable land significantly. The irrigation system was extended in 1970, when in Aswan was built the dam, an artificial reservoir and water-power plant.

City in eastern Egypt on the Red Sea coast, the administrative center of one of 29 Egyptian Muhafazah (gubernatorial province) Al-Bahr al-Ahmar, one of the biggest tourist centers in Egypt with the international signification (the Red Sea Riviera).
Hurghada is situated about 500 kilometers southeast of Cairo, and extends a narrow strip along the desert coast of the Red Sea at about 40 kilometers in length. It has approximately 161 thousand. residents, including several thousand. foreigners. There are some of the most beautiful coral reefs around. In the city mainly develop tourism, trade, building and other services. There is also a bus station (Dahar district) and the international airport, which is serving about 6 million passengers per year.
Hurghada was founded on the Suez Bay from the British settlement of oil seekers and at first acted as fishing village. The town was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since the early 80s of the twentieth century, after signing the Egyptian-Israel peace treaty at Camp David, Hurghada began to develop as a major international tourist center thanks to the Arab and foreign investors.
The best time to spend holiday on the Red Sea is between April and October. For those who like sightseeing the ideal months are from November to March. In summer temperatures oscillate between 30 and 40 Celsius degrees. Wind blowing from the sea marvellously smoothes and makes so that such high temperatures are not felt.

City and resort in Egypt, in the southern Sinai Peninsula - South Sinai Muhafazah - lying on the shores of the Red Sea (Red Sea Riviera) in the so-called The Golden Bay Red Sea Riviera, consisting of many smaller bays, just 80 kilometers south of Mount Sinai. The city is situated between nature reserves and national park of Ras Mohammed.
The first mention of Sharm el-Sheikh are on the sea map from 1762. Repeatedly invaded in ancient times because of the rich deposits of copper and turquoise, lies on an old maritime trade route, where silk and spices were transported from eastern India.
Resort is known for more than 500 holiday camps located on the Red Sea, the Red Sea Riviera. Hotels are mostly two-storey buildings blended into the green areas. Currently, almost the entire coastline is built up with them and there take place new constructions in the second and further lines from the coast. Sharm el-Sheikh is the richest part of the Sinai. It is inhabited by sheikhs, who put on the development and popularization of the region, hence the excellent tourist infrastructure and services of the highest standard.
The diversity of the marine world - there are over 250 different coral reefs and 1000 species of fish in the warm waters of the sea - meant that there are numerous dive bases, over 40 schools and diving bases (with an in total more than 200 boats). Until the middle 80s of the twentieth century almost exclusively diving amateurs came to the city. Today, they constitute only 20-30% of the total number of tourists.
Sharm el-Sheikh is also the base for outing to other tourist attractions of Sinai.

Resort in south-eastern Egypt, located on the Red Sea (Red Sea Riviera), 271 kilometers south of Hurghada, 220 kilometers from Edfu, 131 kilometers north of Al-Quseir and 145 kilometers from Berenice. About 50 kilometers north of the village there is Marsa Alam International Airport and 20 km south is Wadi Gimal National Park.
The area has 10 hotels with 3,000 beds and more than 40 another hotels is built (2007). There is a whole leisure-diving, sport, recreation and entertainment backup. There are complexes of ecological headquarters, 20 kilometers north of Marsa Alam: Marsa Nakarii and Mars Szagra, which offer accommodation in the stone houses on the seashore. There is also a dive site Abu Dabab - Dugong.
In the city there is a bus station, taxi rank and the headquarter of the Coastguard.





Marsa Alam


Sharm el Sheikh